“Our Clients didn’t start agencies because they were good at winning new business, they started them because they were good at having great ideas and delivering them.”

James Harvey, Managing Director at Bluestone B2B

"Bluestone's approach to business development aligns well with our own culture. They have become an integral part of our sales process. Highly recommended."
Matt Broekhuizen, Managing Director at Table19
"Bluestone understands our goals and the challenges we face and we work closely with their team to overcome them. The work they have done for us has resulted in several pieces of new business."
Graham Lind, Director at CNC
"Finding the right people to speak to in brands has always been a challenge for us. Bluestone has been able to get to grips with complex value propositions and articulate them at the highest level."
Matt Parkinson, Managing Director at Gene Commerce
"Working with Bluestone has been incredibly easy and enjoyable. We have unearthed some great opportunities through their work and they have been critical to the growth of our business."
Tim Jarvis, Founder at Film & Content

So here’s the thing…

It’s quite easy to start an agency. You almost certainly opened your doors with a couple of tame clients in your pocket (brave if you didn’t!). The next few came along by recommendation or just in through the window. You acquired clients because you’re you, you knew and handled them all, you pitched the concept, you helped with the strategy. And, of course, you ran the business.

As you got bigger, things started to change. You couldn’t do it all. You hired more people. You had to ‘manage’ more and be with clients less. But, as you hire more people, you have to keep them busy. So you need to find more clients, even though you’re spreading yourself more thinly. What’s more you need to be selective.

The best way to build your business is to work out what the agency needs. In all honestly, the first thing you really need is probably a dedicated new business person. That’s a big commitment. Yet without somebody doing the hard yards for you, you’ll never find time to do structured new business.

Yes, it’s quite easy to start an agency. The thing is, how do you turn a small one into a medium sized one? Or a medium-sized one into a big one? To do that you need a business development partner that can take your Agency to Brands in the quickest way possible.

We call it A2B marketing

Our five-point A2B business development plan

A unique approach that has generated new business opportunities and delivered incredible results for our Clients that have led to millions of pounds of revenue. It’s our Flagship solution and one we continually fine-tune year-on-year.

A2B partnership opportunities

Many of our Clients’ clients have lead generation and business development needs of their own. This could be to arrange appointments for their sales people, or perhaps to book people on to their events. Whatever their need is, by having us on standby as your trusted business development partner, we can help you solve a problem fast, strengthen your client relationships and even provide additional revenue streams.

Boosting your a2B Lead Pipeline

Our unique BOOST™ lead generation engine that powers our business development machine. It engages with key influencers and decision makers in major household brands, creates powerful referrals and introductions, and fills your pipeline with super-charged leads.

A2B data support services

You’ve heard it before. Accurate and relevant data is the bloodline of any successful B2B marketing campaign. Bluestone provides a range of comprehensive, GDPR-ready, data support services to ensure that your new campaign gets off to a flying start, or that your existing business development operation doesn’t lose momentum.

Want to to take your Agency 2 Brands, fast?