“Bluestone’s ethos, sales strategy and overall mission statement matches my long-held belief that people prefer to be engaged with, rather than sold to.”

Tim Héronneau, Business Development Manager at Bluestone B2B

Our five-point A2B business development plan


There are five key stages to our business development campaigns:

  1. We’ll learn about your business so that we understand as much as we can about your background, your ethos, culture and the way you articulate your value proposition to prospects and customers. We do this via a robust on-boarding session, followed by on-going ‘agency days’ where our business development team come in and spend quality time with you on site.
  2. We’ll agree with you on a set of criteria for a list of prospect brands we think would be a good fit for your agency – then if you need us to, we’ll go away and source it from the best GDPR-approved data providers.
  3. Once up and running, our business development team will persistently and continually reach out to the people who interest you using phone, email and LinkedIn. Call us strange but we like doing that. And as this part requires no input from you whatsoever that’s even more day-job time in your bin.
  4. We’ll make appointments with decision makers, we’ll brief you, we’ll advise on your presentation and we’ll even come along to the first one or two meetings with you if you want us to.
  5. After you have met with your perfect prospect, we’ll work closely with you afterwards to help turn them into your next customer.

Riding shotgun with you on your First Date

There are some things we’ve learned about the First Date – that first meeting with the new brand you hope will see you as their agency of choice. If you’re ambitious (and for some strange reason all of our agency clients are ambitious) you’re going to be wanting to punch above your weight. That almost certainly means you’re going to be outside of your comfort zone.

We want to help this new relationship get off to the best possible start. So, until our Clients have done this a few times, we offer to come along and ride shotgun with them. It’s still very much your meeting but it gives us a first-hand glimpse of how you sell the business. It improves our knowledge of your proposition which lets us align our approach, better understand the parameters of negotiation and support you in any future meetings.

Prior to every meeting we’ll also have thoroughly prepped you and qualified your date. Every opportunity comes with a super-charged report, detailing background to the organisation, key decision maker insights, relevance of their business to your value offering and details of the engagement. We even give each opportunity a 1 to 5-star rating to help you gauge how much time and resource to allocate to it.

Post-opportunity sales support

One of the most valuable parts of our service is the post-opportunity support we provide to our Clients. After all, what is the point in going to the trouble of creating an opportunity with a brand if you are not going to do everything you can to convert them into a customer?

The fact of the matter is, no matter how strong an engagement is, the deal isn’t done until the ink has dried on the paper. And unfortunately, until this happens, things can get in the way. Other priorities pop up. Internal meetings take place with other stakeholders. Key decision makers go on leave. Experience has shown us that a whole bunch of other things that can quickly make an engagement go cold if not handled with care.

We are there to support you throughout the whole process (not just at the front end) to make sure this doesn’t happen. Regular sessions with us throughout your campaign ensure that we continually agree on next actions, collectively keep on top of engagements and do everything we can to help you convert opportunities into business.